converted to semosa apk

Latest update of the jazz world apk converted to semosa apk

Latest update of the jazz world apk converted to semosa apk

Welcome to SIMOSA, where Jazz world fair got a major update!

Get ready for a few super cool highlightes as SIMOSA takes your advanced  involvement to the following level. Everything merely cherishd approximately Jazz world in still here but presently , SIMOSA  has leveled up the game indeed more!

converted to semosa apk

The app isnot fair for JAZZ clients any longer-presently, anybody can utlize SIMOSA, making telecom administration a breeze no matter who your provider is.

Get ready for SIMOSA, where everything you wish is fair a tap away!

In which app we creat account with our official name. Here we check different features about our interest .

Features of the SIMOSA app

SIMOSA old name is JAZZ WORLD . It is upgraded on SIMOSA APP. SIMOSA app is very usefull for user.

In which app have many feauters . we will disscuss here:

We will check current balance.

We check the pakages details (shows expiry date) or different pakages in different network is available.We set our home location


In which knows about stars( how spend our today)

In which  daily  recipie updated.


Short story for kids.


Mention kibla direction ,tasbeeh counter ,prayer  times.

Daily Ayat

The quran

Gusal ka tareqa

Namaz ki Rakaat

99 names of Allah

99 names of prophet (P.B.U.H)

Shows daily hadees

Jazz services






converted to semosa apk