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Step-By-Step Guide To Shopping On 1688 APK In Pakistan

Step-By-Step Guide To Shopping On 1688 APK In Pakistan is most popular shopping platform of china. Here everything is available  according to our need. Here we discuss about purchasing best sourcing and janone suppliers. And here we discuss, how to search trusted supplier and best purchasing in cheapest prices. 1688 apk is alternative of ALI BABA.  This apk is made from Ali BABA apk.

In 1688 app have many seller that are the same in ALI BABA.here we discuss how to purchasing , shopping in 1688.

1688 apk

In 1688 have lack of whole seller. Pakistan major markets  purchasing thing from 1688 and sell in markets. In 1688 have janion sellers. Every janion sellers sell things in best prices. ALI BABA and 1688 apk have difference in just prices otherwise quality of product is same.Mostly traders of ALI BABA purchase things from 1688 and sells in ALI BABA app. 

Difference between ALI BABA and 1688 APK

 ALI BABA APP and 1688 APP have one difference is that ALI BABA is ideal for  retail where 1688 is only for whole sellers. If we purchasing in pulb currency , we need visit this site and purchasing in whole sale.

How to  convert chinese language into english

First of all we go to GOOGLE and write 1688.com. This apk open in chinese language so we need to  add extension of the Google Translator. 

Open new tab and write  GOOGLE Translate. We have show Google translate extension. Then we need to “ add to chrome”. After that  extension add and we see all app language changed in english. And we easily to read out all things.


 In this app have free registration but this app basically made for chinese , we just purchasing only or not make account on this app. It is made by chinese buyers and make pakistani suppliers. Here we purchasing thing in pulb not any other currency.

How to search trusted suppliers:

 First of all we search any name of product. Suppose  we write in search bar febric”. Every suppliers lists shows with there prices. Here we need to see experience of the supplier. Here everything is available in wholesale rate .here refund is available. If we interested in any product we click contact information. Here we show company name, factory business name or address and no more information here. It mean this supplier focouced on this app. We have no need like this supplier. 

Again we go to search bar and search an other supplier. First important thing is company name and contect number. Here show manager name and other detail information. 

Verification of the supplier:

We need to search supplier and go to his profile. If in this profile show every information about his product or supplier so it is trusted supplier. Search product information deeply and contact with supplier and chat with him. Some supplier they could not understand english. But we use google translate. In 1668 app we could nor purchase the  product, we just get information about suppliers.

Order placing:

We have two ways to purchase product: clearning agent or forward agent.and other hand we need to have any resident in china.  We purchase product through forward agent, we share all information of supplier that we select and then agent order place and then order delivered to pakistan. So this one source is used to purchase any product from 1668 app.


1688 Apk

1688 Apk

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