1688 Apk

What Is 1688 Apk? How To Use It?

1688 Apkis a very popular chinese app.  It is a big shopping platform of buyers.It is very usefull for chinese people. Its original name in chinese is Taobao Apk. This apk is alternative of ALI BABA. ALI BABA Apk is usefull ful international buyers and Taobao apk is only for chinese people. It gives a good prices but one difficulty is that , this apk in chinese language.

1688 Apk

Here we discuss some issues about this apk:

How to change language of this apk?

First of all,we add one extension. Open the Google and write in first tab “ Google Translate” . 

After that we open this app and see every product convert in English.

How to search for trusted products:

Here we search any product relate to our need. We we search any product then we open english translator. Then every product is converted in English. Here we need to check product selling or the manufacturing date of the product company.

How to check trusted company?

 When we search any product , we need to check manufacturing date that is mention below the product. Atleast 5 years old company is trusted for buyers. It is very easy to order anything. When we chat with seller, we need for” English to Chinese Translator” .Then we typing english and convert it in chinese,and it copy or paste to seller chat.  With the help of chinese translator, we chat with seller.

1688 Apk is  very amazing platform for shopping. 1688 Apk is very usefull for international buyers.

1688 Apk

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