Tekken 8 Character Breakdown: Character Roster Analysis

Tekken 8 Character Breakdown: Character Roster Analysis may be a battling amusement created by Bamdal Namco Studios and Aroka. Bandai Namco Excitement Distributed the PlayStation 5, windows, and Xbox arrangement x/s on January 26, 2024. It is the eighth canon discharge and eleventh in general passage within the Tekken arrangement.

About TEKKEN 8 new characters:

An add up to 32 characters have been confirmed within the Tekken 8 program, so find out whether your favorite characters made the list and what modern moves they have.

Tekken 8 Character Breakdown: Character Roster Analysis

Which characters are in Tekken 8?

Over a long time, numerous warriors have taken with the lord of press clench hand competition, but the most recent installment sees the nonappearance of one key confronts in particular. Heihatchi Mishima is formally dead, and presently the world’s destiny is in the hands of those rising to confront his evil child, Kazuya. A few specifically contrac=dict him, while others battle for their ambitions. Most of the characters within the Teken 8 list uncovered are returning characters, and we have had sufficient time with a few of them that we have got a Tekken 8 level list that appears how great they are amid the early stages of improvement. A few warriors have been with the battling amusement arrangement since the start, though others are more later consideration, and one character is indeed making a long-awaited comeback in Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 Character Breakdown: Character Roster Analysis

Tekken 8 characters list

Here are the confirmed characters in the Tekken 8 roster:

·          Reina

·          Victor Chevalier

·          Panda

·          Zafina

·          Lee Chaolan

·          Alisa Bosconovitch

·          Devil Jin

·          Feng Wei

·          Dragunov

·          Shaheen

·          Steve Fox

·          Leo

·          Yoshimitsu

·          Kuma

·          Azucena Milagros Ortiz Castillo

·          Raven

·          Jin Kazama

·          Kazuya Mishima

·          Paul Phoenix

·          Marshall Law

·          Nina Williams

·          Jack-8

·          King

·          Lars Alexandersson

·          Jun Kazama

·          Ling Xiaoyu

·          Asuka Kazama

·          Leroy Smith

·          Lili

·          Bryan Fury

·          Hwoarang

·          Claudio Sefarino

·          Sergei Dragunov

·          Eddy Gordo