Discord Talk Chat & Hang Out On Apk Latest Version

Discord Talk Chat & Hang Out On APK Latest Version Stay connected and engaged with your musketeers and communities by joining a Converse group on Discord. Disharmony is a top-league communication app that creates a virtual space for druggies to make communities and have a great time through textbook, voice, and videotape converse. With a variety of features, disharmony allows druggies to organize waiters into channels grounded on motifs, making it easy for groups to unite, partake, and fraternize without inviting group exchanges.

Discord Talk Chat & Hang Out on apk Latest Version

Direct messaging and voice converse features make communication flawless. druggies can shoot dispatches directly to musketeers or initiate voice calls, and voice channels give a royal way for musketeers to drop in and have exchanges. Also, the app supports watching videos together during exchanges, creating a participating experience that feels like being in the same room.

Disharmony provides a variety of communication options, similar to a textbook, videotape, and voice converse, allowing druggies to connect in different ways. Whether signaling hello over videotape, participating with gaming guests through streaming, or engaging in voice calls, disharmony facilitates different relations. The platform supports creative expression, enabling druggies to have delineation sessions with screen sharing and customize emojis to add a fun touch to exchanges. druggies can also partake in videos, filmland, and stories, cascading their pets for after recall.



  • Disharmony waiters are organized into content-grounded channels where you can unite, partake, have meetings, or just talk to musketeers about your day without congesting up a group conversation.
  • shoot a communication directly to a friend or call them up with our voice converse point
  • Voice channels make hanging out readily. Got a free moment? snare a seat in a voice channel so musketeers can see you’re around and pop in to talk without having to call. You can indeed watch videos together!
  • Reliable tech for staying near musketeers. Low- quiescence voice and videotape converse feel like you’re meeting in the same room.
  • fluently talk with musketeers while gaming and brume roll the competition.
  • Be a meme runner with easy image participating

STAY CLOSE WITH textbook, videotape, AND VOICE converse

  • Wave hello over videotape, watch musketeers stream their games, share stories over voice calls, or gather up and have a delineation session with screen share.
  • Snap a print and turn it into your custom emojis and partake them with musketeers.
  • Partake anything from funny videos and stories to your rearmost group prints, and just your pets to flashback those moments later.
  • Hang out in group channels or talk intimately with direct dispatches
  • Zoom through convoys with musketeers using content-specific channels!

FOR A smatter OR A Audience

  • Custom temperance tools and authorization situations can group up your musketeers or brigades, organize meetings for your original book club, or bring together music suckers from around the world.
  • produce chairpersons, give special members access to private channels, and much further.

disharmony is a platform that offers you a virtual space to produce and share in communities and converse with your musketeers. With its colorful communication tools, you can use textbooks, voice, or videotape and see what makes Discord a leading app for virtual communities.

Enjoy your gaming experience

disharmony is nearly linked to the gaming world, thanks to all its interactive options. For illustration, on the garçon you have created, you can produce thematic channels according to the videotape game you want to play with your musketeers in hutch Minecraft, League of Legends, Valorant, and others. disharmony also allows you to partake the screen of your device, whether Android, Mac, or Windows, so you can watch gameplays. What is further disharmony can serve as a forum, allowing you to reply to dispatches through different vestments, depending on the commentary made in the thematic channel.

What’s New

Version History

29 Jan 2024 Version 214.0

We’ve been hard at work making disharmony better for you. This includes bug fixes and performance advancements. 


disharmony stands out as a dynamic and protean platform that goes beyond traditional communication apps. It provides a virtual space for druggies to produce and share in communities, fostering connections through textbook, voice, and videotape converse. Whether you are a gamer, a content creator, or part of a tight-knit group, disharmony offers a range of features to enhance your online experience.


Q1: What’s Discord converse talk purlieu?

Disharmony waiters are organized into content-grounded channels where you can unite, partake, have meetings, or just talk to musketeers about your day without congesting a group conversation.

Q2: Is disharmony safe for kiddies?

Common Sense Media also recommends that Discord druggies be at least 13 due to its open converse. Because it’s all stoner-generated, there is the eventuality of the plenitude of unhappy content, like swearing and graphic language and images

Q3: What’s Discord used for?

disharmony is a free dispatches app that lets you partake in voice, videotape, and textbook conversations with musketeers, game communities, and inventors.

Q4: Why is Discord 17 on the app store?

Under-17s can still register and use the platform, but Discord” streamlined its age standing to 17 at Apple’s request,” according to their website, to” help ensure minors aren’t exposed to content unhappy for them.”

Q5: How do you hang out on Discord?

Voice channels are where you can hang out over voice and videotape. There is no calling or ringing needed- just click on a voice channel to enter it. musketeers in your garcon can see you are in there, and pop in to talk, gesture hello over videotape, or partake their screen.

Discord Talk Chat & Hang Out on apk Latest Version

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